Our Product

We are mainly producing Clear White, Natural Blue, Green, Milky White, Yellow, Brown, Gray and Jazz colors of pet flakes having International standards for which we followed strict quality standards as per our customers required.



Quality Standard

Grade: Grade Hot Washed
Flakes size: less then 15mm   
PVC content: less than 300ppm or 0.03%
Other Impurity: less than 150ppm
Intrinsic viscosity: around 0.65-0.75 dl/g
Moisture: less than 2%
Melting Point: 250 degrees
Packing: Small PP woven bags


Pet Flakes 100% Clear
Pet Flakes Green
Pet Flakes Natural Blue
Pet Bottle Flakes

Pet Flakes White Unwashed
Pet Flakes Green Unwashed
Pet Flakes Natural Blue Unwashed
Pet Flakes Jazz Color

Pet Flakes Milky White
Pet Flakes Gray
Pet Flakes Yellow
Pet Flakes Brown

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